Friday, February 3, 2012

The Universal Studio's Era - American Graffiti Film Cars

For this post I am letting the inmates run the asylum. I'll just sit back and throw in my 2c's on their photographs. These are their personal story's. I would like to thank them all for sharing them with me and allowing me to share them with you. Back story's or Personal story's are some of my favorites. Do you have a story?

Howard's American Graffiti
"I worked for a title company in the mid '70s at the front of the Universal Studios lot. We had to park in the back and took the shuttle through Universal to our company up front. One time the driver of the shuttle took me in the big garage so I could see the coupe. Also saw the Merc and the car from "The Car".
I can't imagine this car just sitting around in the transportation garage at Universal Studio's JH

Paint still looks pretty fresh
Howard has shown me things I never knew about the coupe. Makes me wonder if that's why all of the early pictures of the cars were taken in B/W  JH 
Only a few years after filming and all the parts are still in place.JH
Look at Howard with the "Milner" pose JH
The Pharaoh's 1951 Mercury.
Howard having a "Secret Dream" moment JH
Great Work Howard this is the first picture I have ever seen that showed the inside of the Pharaoh's Merc. JH
"The Car"
Howard said
"Sorry about the poor quality but what do you expect from a Kodak Instamatic from the mid '70s?"

Mike T's American Graffiti
Mike's family went to California on vacation back in 1979. Mike didn't go with. While on the tour at Universal Studio's Mike's sister spotted the Graffiti Coupe on display.
She knew that her brother just loved American Graffiti.
So being the good sister that she is she snapped these pictures for him.


Kenny's American Graffiti
"I saw the movie when it first came out, I was 12 or 13 years old at the time. To say this movie made an impression on me would not be enough, it totally jacked up my mind to the point that I knew right then that I was going to own and drive a hot rod, but not just any car but a 32 5 window. I bought the model kit when it came out (A.G. II) and I still have it. My parents planned a vacation to Universal Studios, so my girlfriend and I went along (around 78 to 80) and guess what I saw there! Milner's Coupe"
"The first thing I did was jump the rope and check it out. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the coupe sitting outside. I spent quite awhile just gooning on it, studying everything"
"My girlfriend (now my wife of 25 years) took my picture next to the car.  I bought my 32 coupe in 1985 and I'm happy to say.......I still own it! To sum it up, That movie and That car changed my life"

More of the Coupe at Universal Studio's. These pictures were found on the Internet.

Late in it's stay at Universal Studio's. Sometime after filming More American Graffiti. (black grill and fuel lines) I see by this time the valve covers and the front carburetor scoops have gone missing. JH.

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  1. Tim Barry of Little Rock, ARFebruary 3, 2012 at 1:06 PM

    American Graffiti will always be FIRST in the minds of true hot rodders. Granted, it was just a job to those involved (at the time of filming) but it set the bar pretty high. We can never thank everyone involved with the film enough for making such an EXCELLENT film.