Saturday, July 9, 2016

Martin's Brush with The Wichita Kid....Steve Fitch

I get lots of email and it's really great how many people will take time to share personal American Graffiti stories with me. Most are something small or private. After reading Martins story I begged him to let me share it. In his email Martin paints a nice picture of his day with Steve Fitch.

Thing is I have been looking at these pictures for years. I found them on the net or got them from the  Graffiti underground, but I never knew the story behind them. After talking with Martin the only bummer for me is that Martin said he had a bunch more pictures from that day but he couldn't find them.

Hey Martin I'd still love to see them if you ever find them.


From Martin
The way I found out about Steve Fitch having the cars was he had an ad in the back of Hot Rod magazine selling the 55. I called him up and told him there was no way I could come up with the $20,000 price he was asking back then. That was in the 80's, forget what year, that was more than what my house was worth at the time LOL. Anyway, I explained that I would really like to see the car and told him my story. He said sure, come on up! I have the '32 also! Man I was blown away!

He was really nice, my brother and my cousin who lived in Wichita at the time went to his house to look at the '55 first. He lived in a typical 1960's era house. Had a tiny one car garage that housed the '55. There was nothing in there but the car (in AG trim) and the wheels and tires used on the car when it was a TLB car, they, the TLB tires and wheels were sitting by the door that led to the kitchen of the house. He pulled the car out and my brother took several pictures as Steve and I discussed the the history of the car.

After we talked and took the pics he invited us inside and we had a look at all of his AG memorabilia, it was excellent! He had posters, magazines, you name it!

The '32 was at his mom and dad's house just around the corner. Same style house, single car garage. The deuce fired right up and we talked about it, took a bunch of pics....By this time I felt as though I was imposing, not a serious buyer. He was ready to take me and the deuce for a ride as it needed a wash. I turned him down, can you believe it! On my way back to Guthrie I said to myself why did you do that? LOLOLOLOL

Martin with his butt parked in Milner's Coupe.