Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lost Hot Rods by Pat Ganahl 2010 - The Graffiti Impala

I first heard about this book from Mike Famalette. He told me how he had talked to Pat Ganahl for his book. As soon as I hung up the phone I was online placing my pre-order.

Mike's story of buying the "Super Fine Machine"  Is a great one. But... By Graffiti standards it is almost to boring. There is not any drama. There was one car. Mike bought it from Henry Travers' yard. He still owns the car.

Most of the car remains as it was on the set, down to the same air in the rear tires. I tease Mike about selling that air. Mike has all of the original parts for the car. Besides being the most original Mike's is also the most documented of the main four cars.
As much as I like the Impala I was really hoping that Pat would track down all of the cars from American Graffiti. Hey Pat how about covering those in the next book? (call me)
This is a must own book for any Hot Rodder. So get out there and get yourself a copy and read about the rest of the cars Pat has found. Jeff

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