Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's a Custom Job

Why was Steve's Impala "better than Darrly Starbird's Superfleck Moonbird"?
the answer.....Constant tinkering. Just like this blog. When the old All Graffiti site went away I lost a lot, movies I had made, all of my stories that I had finally typed up, several scans I had posted. I did not have any kind of back-up. I didn't think I needed one. The few files I did recover from "all" of my old pages were somehow corrupted and incomplete so most of those got trashed. After a bunch of soul searching (remembering why I ever did this in the first place) I figured I would turn something bad into something better. So I Started from scratch, a new site complete with a new name and web address. I know it took a few of you awhile of you to find me again. Sorry I did not have the option of leaving a forwarding address. Old fans may also notice many of the scans are cleaner and clearer than they have ever been. I have been slowly rescanning my collection. I have also been working on keeping the file sizes at a manageable level for those of you who have limited bandwidth. (see i read the mail you send) One of these days I will get everything straightened out Thanks for your patience.

"I'm gettin old, Ain't as fast as I used to be"