Friday, January 27, 2012

Custom Car December 1986 - If The Kansas Fitch Wear It

If The Kansas Fitch, Wear It.
Whatever happened to the original American Graffiti Coupe?
It went from Fitch to Rich and still thrills believers.
I do like the way this guy writes. Well other than calling Rick Rich and as far as the facts???? I would say they are 50/50 (wink) Jeff


  1. Now that's the TRUE STORY! GREAT JOB Jeff! Keep up your Awesome work!!!!

  2. "That was a lovely story. And you told it with such enthusiam." Love your blog. I do have some insight on the photos you say came from the UK. I'd love to share the story with you. One more thing.... It wasn't my birthday, but Rick Blevins is my Best Buddy (Like a brother actually) Since those spare parts came in pairs, Rick shared one of each with me. Truly, the greatest gift one guy can give another! BJORN

  3. Love the article. Can I just say the pic with the person flagging the cars pisses me off 'cause that jacket is horrible and looks NOTHING like Toad's shirt. I'm all for supporting mentally challenged seamstresses but could they at least get somebody proficient who could make a shirt that looks authentic? They got the cars right. I think the person wearing that jacket needs someone to pants them or give 'em a wedgie. And, that's how I really feel.