Saturday, April 28, 2012

George Lucas Phoning It In On American Graffiti

(an excerpt from the complete scenario of the film American Graffiti)

Wolfman (voice over)
Here we go with another call out of the station. Can you dig it? Answer the phone dummy.
Man (voice over) Pinkie's Pizza. (movie spelling)
Wolfman : Ah, yeah, listen, you got any more of those secret agent spy-scopes?
Man: Hit parade on the stethoscope?
Wolfman: No. No, the secret agent spy-scope, man. That pulls in the moon, the sky and the planets . . . and the satellites and the little bitty space men.
Man: You must have the wrong number, partner.
Wolfman: "Bye.

I can remember watching American Graffiti and never wondering if there was a real Pinky's Pizza. I always figured it was a fictional pizza joint they made up for the movie. Well.........

Lucas is notorious for bringing something from his past or from an earlier film into his latest creation. Sort of an inside joke that next to no one would ever notice. As I dig delve deeper into the Graffiti rabbit hole I keep finding what could be more of these. Turns out there is a real Pinky's Pizza. In fact there are a few of them around the area where Lucas grew up in and then later filmed American Graffiti.

Makes me wonder where the Lucas family called on pizza night, or is this possibly an homage to where they ate while filming Graffiti??? Some things we may never know.

 Oh and did you ever wonder who the uncredited voice of Pinkie's Pizza was????
That's right George Lucas, Phoning it in.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Rod & Custom August 1991 - The Real Graffiti Coupe.

I remember the first time I read this article. I thought it was the Holy Grail of Coupe info. Sadly years later when questioned about the facts of the article Mr Ganahl said he never measured the car and that he didn't remember where the numbers came from. With that in mind you may not want to take everything you read as here as "Gospel". I will let you figure out the facts for yourselves but I will give you one biggie.

 Ricks Mom never worked as a car hop.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sir 1974 - Ponytails And Ducks Asses - American Graffiti

Yes "SIR!" That's right gang this week we are setting the "Way Back Machine" to the year 1974. A time when is seems that the facts are blurry at best. The Phantoms??? Stevie?? Bitchyer?? Really?? I must say I do like the way they talk about the film cutting back and fourth between the different stories. I know we all take this type of editing as the norm today, but keep mind that in 1973 it had not been done like that before.

I also just love any article that gives the character name and the type of car they drove. Oh and lets not forget quotes from the movie!!! Jeff

Saturday, April 7, 2012

American Graffiti Publicity Still # 5144 - 28

I know I have read articles and they speculate that Laurie grabbed the wheel and that lead to Falfa's crash. Another myth busted! According to "The Complete Scenario" Falfa blows a tire. Here is the aftermath of the the race shown in the original Publicity Photo # 5144-28