Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Why The Hell They Bother"

"You been number one as long as I can remember"
It's been along time ain't it?

Thanks for all of your kind letters and Your suggestions about the site. I am listening. So per all of your requests I figured it's about time I get my act in gear. My American Graffiti collection continues to grow. I have now updated my computer system and software so the posts should be clearer and easier to read than ever. I will try to keep new weekly posts while rescanning all of my older posts to a higher quality with image correcting software. So the scans may look even better than the originals. This site is all mine. All posts are pieces from my personal collection. The bulk of my collection consists of books and magazines but since so many have asked I will occasionally post some of my other American Graffiti Collectibles