Friday, February 17, 2012

It is its better than Darryl Starbirds Superflecked Moonbird

When Toad says Steve's 58 Impala is better than a Darryl Starbird car it has always made me wonder about the "Superflecked Moonbird" I had never seen it? and I hunted and hunted for years. Recently thanks to Darryl Starbird himself I now know why. In his book "The Bubble Top King" Starbird mentions American Graffiti.

The Book is available from

 It turns out the car was also know by the name the "Predicta"

The story behind the "Predicta" is as interesting as any car story you will ever hear. I won't even try to tell that cars story. For the whole story and every fact you will ever need to know about the car check out You will be impressed.

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