Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seventeen March 1973 - On Location with George Lucas

Thats right more vintage American Graffiti articles. This week I am bringing you back to 1973 for an interveiw with George Lucas in Seventeen Magazine.Who Says you can't stay 17 forever? As I read more and more of the older articles it is pretty cool how many little things you learn that they just don't cover in more recent articles. I still find it funny that as a child Lucas grew up on Ramona Steet (Carol's street in American Graffiti) and that his childhood phone number was 849-1138 or should I say "THX 1138"

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  1. I've used quotes from this article. I thought it was re-printed in GEORGE LUCAS INTERVIEWS?? I had no idea about the phone number. that is amazing. Those who make a big deal about Milner's license plate referencing his first feature can kiss a duck. The REAL trivia is right here. Thank you brother.