Sunday, October 16, 2016

Empire - 2004 American Graffiti Car Wars

This weeks post is fun! "You can have all the fun you want!! This place is for fun!" In 2004 the Empire article Classic Scene draws from one of the best exchanges in American Graffiti and gives you the dialog.

 Now anybody who knows me is used to me sliding in a line from the movie when ever it will fit in the conversation..... and some times when it doesn't.

It's also a fun thing that happens on social media. I have seen someone throw out a line and sit back and wait to see who chimes in with the next bit of dialog. Now if I can just get everybody to read and memorize this!!!! LOL

I do like they way they wrote this up. It's like it was in the film not like what's written in the script.

I know over the years I have used these lines many time while cruzin Main Street.

Used... that brings something else to mind. If you haven't noticed I have stopped or severely limited the use of watermarking pictures on my site. I see pictures from my site all over the internet re-cropped and re-covered or even used with my markings on them. I see them on websites and even used to sell on eBay. I want to further American Graffiti, not take credit for it. So feel free to swipe what ever you want from my site and use it. Your going to anyway!!! LOL Just remember I did the home work of locating the articles... I spent the time and money finding and buying the books and magazines. I scan them and post them all for free, just to spread the Graffiti love.

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