Friday, September 22, 2017

Southern Rodder - 2000 Oct. Chuck Belew sits down with Paul Le Mat A.K.A. John Milner of American Graffiti

Hey It's Milner's Birthday!!! Ooop's I mean It's Paul Le Mat's Birthday!!!  To Celebrate Paul's B-day on this 22nd of September. I set the way back machine to the year 2000 and chose the October Issue of Southern Rodder Magazine to post. Here is a nice short article that shares a little more about Paul than Milner for those of you who like me forget sometimes.
  "Happy Birthday Milner"



Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thunderbird 2002 - 2000

If your a Thunderbird Fanatic this book should definitely be in your library. I have not had time to read the whole thing. I just basically flipped through it to find the Graffiti goods. I'm sure your remember Suzanne Somers that mysterious Blond in the white T-Bird that Curt spent half the night trying to track down. There is only a small mention of our favorite movie but with all the info packed into this book on the Thunderbird's history I'm just glad American Graffiti got a mention.

I did read a bit of the book and was surprised to learn that the possible names for Fords new "Personal Car" were the Fordster, Fordette, Beaver, Detroiter, Hep Cat and the Wheelaway. One of the big shots at Ford, Lew Crusoe didn't like any of those names so he offered a prize of a 250.00$ suit to any Ford employee who could come up with a better name.

Alden R Giberson is credited with the suggestion to borrow from Native American lore and use the Thunderbird name. Crusoe promptly accepted it and Giberson got his suit.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Creem - 1973 Feb. Chuck Berry's Back From The Blues

I just heard we lost Chuck Berry today. I was thinking about it and I remembered the 1973 Creem Magazine that had him as the cover art. So I pulled it out and there it is on the cover it says "Chuck Berry's Back On Top". An article that I have never read. I bought the magazine because it had an movie review of American Graffiti in it.

Now I normally only post articles on the movie the cars or cast but tonight while listening to some Chuck. I realized he might not have appeared on screen but he was in the movie. Maybe I have just watched the movie one too many times but I can't hear Almost Grown with out running Terry's lines.

"What a Babe.... What a Bitchin Babe" (squealing tires around the corner) "Um Hello.... Buenos Noches?? ..Uhh  look you sure you don't need a lift somewhere? Huh.. Hey Do you know John Milner?? John Milners A Good Friend Of Mine"     and on and on.... O fine....

"Hey Did Anyone Ever Tell You That You Look Just Like Connie Stevens"

Or When I listen to Johnny B Goode. I hear "Hey You Got A Really Bitchin Car"  "Well ..Ya I Know"  "In fact Your Cars So Neat Were Gonna Give You Our Special Prize....You Want Me To Give It To Ya?"  "Hey Sweetheart If The Prize Is You I'm A Ready Teddy"  "We'll Get Bent Turkey"

 I can see Old Carol getting hit by that water balloon and hear her squeal and Milners laugh. Then I get this overwhelming urge to jump the fins of a 60 Caddy and I swear at the end of the song I can hear the coupe drive off??? Guess I have just been programed.


Charles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry
October 18, 1926 – March 18, 2017