Thursday, January 19, 2012

American Graffiti Japan 1980's

It seems that since the American Graffiti coupe and cast made their world tour a while back Japan has become an even bigger fan of the film. I have been receiving alot of mail,information and prop's from over seas. I know the online translators do not work very well so this is my way of saying thanks to all of you.

Special Thanks to SHUICHI and MAL

All Graffiti fans should check out Mal's American Graffiti site. Some stuff I had never seen before and beleive me I look. Here is the link thru googles online translator.



  1. Milner's coupe as NOT chopped and channeled, it was ONLY chopped.. Channeled means the body was dropped over the frame, and it was NOT. The body was sitting on top of the frame..

    1. I wrote IT WAS not chopped and chan,,,, blah blah..