Saturday, January 7, 2012

Popular Hot Rodding January 1987 - American Graffiti

My story is a lot like Rick Figari's. I also saw the move and fell in love with John Milners little yellow coupe. If I would have know of Steve Fitch when the coupe was here in the Midwest I would have tried to buy her back in the 80's. How cool would that have been? In hindsight though I know it is best the coupe ended up where it is. I would have drove the wheels off of it. I do think it's really cool that the coupe is back not too far from it where she came to fame. An added bonus of that is that Milner (Paul Lemat) gets to hit the show circuit sometimes with his super fine machine.

I did get a chance to meet Paul and see the coupe at a World of Wheels show a few years back. I can tell Rick gets more than a little tired of all of us graffiti coupe maniacs buzzing around the car like nats. That being said I will say that after running my picture thru the graffiti offenders facial recognition program and coming up clean I did have a nice chat with Rick.

Rick may not like to admit it but he has the same sickness as all of the coupe builders do "Graffitious" The only difference is that he has been treating his affliction for years with the only cure available.

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