Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kit Car Builder October 2011 - Revisiting American Graffiti

OK I understand not all of you are gaga for the Graffiti Coupe. After reading some of your letters I have learned that there are other cars in the movie. ( mmmmm never really noticed.....j/k ) So this week I am going to mention on of the other stars of the movie The 1956 Thunderbird "That's a White T-Bird"
So many people love the Tri-5 T-Birds that Regal Roadsters, Ltd of Madison WI. can't keep with the demand. Yep someone is recreating the T-Bird and has been since 1986. They pump out about six cars a year built to your specs. They say "if you want a piece of history buy an original if you want a car to drive buy one of ours" If you ever thought about a T-Bird of your very own take some time and check them out
I was really impressed and I am not a big bird fan. All the great looks of a classic Ford with out all of the classic problems...

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