Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cruisin" Times July 2008 - Mario Calabreses' Graffiti Coupe

This is an encore presentation of Mario's American Graffiti Tribute.
"Fastest Car In The Valley" That rings true when describing Mario Calabreses' Coupe. Mario really did his homework. He knew what he wanted and collected most of the hard to find "Graffiti Correct" parts before starting his build. Employing this strategy Mario's Coupe was assembled in record time. I am happy to say even I helped a little. The interior and some small things need to be finished but this has not stopped Mario from passing the first oil change marker and is well on the road to the second.
Bonus Section

Mario's got the headers plugs out. Must be expecting some action.

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  1. Got the perfect set of headers, now it's time to fix the fucked up, half assed placement of the rear diff and rear crossmember! This is the one and only major flaw with this car. After this, I can finish the upholstery and the rest of the little knick knack b.s. Lesson learned: Don't ever allow a self proclaimed know it all, wannabe "Guru", weld on or work on your car!!