Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reelin' and Rockin' - Those Odlies But Goodies Remind Me Of You.

I got a call this morning from Mr Hopperstad he told me that Voodoo Larry was having an open house at his new shop in Elk Grove Village today. I have seen Larry around at shows and have seen his work so I dropped everything picked up a couple buddies and we were off to check the place out. VERY COOL! to say the least. I also found out today that American Graffiti is what set Larry down the Kustom road he lives today. Not Milners coupe but the Chopped Merc is what did it for him. Always makes me feel better to find some one else affected by "Graffitius"
Hey Larry keep on Reelin' And Rockin'. Check out Larry's website at Voodoo Larry Kustoms

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