Saturday, March 18, 2017

Creem - 1973 Feb. Chuck Berry's Back From The Blues

I just heard we lost Chuck Berry today. I was thinking about it and I remembered the 1973 Creem Magazine that had him as the cover art. So I pulled it out and there it is on the cover it says "Chuck Berry's Back On Top". An article that I have never read. I bought the magazine because it had an movie review of American Graffiti in it.

Now I normally only post articles on the movie the cars or cast but tonight while listening to some Chuck. I realized he might not have appeared on screen but he was in the movie. Maybe I have just watched the movie one too many times but I can't hear Almost Grown with out running Terry's lines.

"What a Babe.... What a Bitchin Babe" (squealing tires around the corner) "Um Hello.... Buenos Noches?? ..Uhh  look you sure you don't need a lift somewhere? Huh.. Hey Do you know John Milner?? John Milners A Good Friend Of Mine"     and on and on.... O fine....

"Hey Did Anyone Ever Tell You That You Look Just Like Connie Stevens"

Or When I listen to Johnny B Goode. I hear "Hey You Got A Really Bitchin Car"  "Well ..Ya I Know"  "In fact Your Cars So Neat Were Gonna Give You Our Special Prize....You Want Me To Give It To Ya?"  "Hey Sweetheart If The Prize Is You I'm A Ready Teddy"  "We'll Get Bent Turkey"

 I can see Old Carol getting hit by that water balloon and hear her squeal and Milners laugh. Then I get this overwhelming urge to jump the fins of a 60 Caddy and I swear at the end of the song I can hear the coupe drive off??? Guess I have just been programed.


Charles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry
October 18, 1926 – March 18, 2017