Saturday, November 5, 2016

I gave my heart to Candy Clark at SEMA in 2016

We'll go ahead Kirtsy baby, You go on over there and remember all the good times you won't be havin, I ain't going off to some G. D. fancy collage. I'm going to Vegas...and havin fun as usual!

And fun it was. There must be a wrinkle in the force somewhere as I was lucky enough (thanks to Ray Evernham) to attend  The Specialty Equipment Market Association Show (SEMA) this year. I have never been to the show before and big doesn't even begin to describe it.

Axalta Coating Systems (most of you would remember them as Dupont) had a huge display area where they filmed interviews and unveiled the 1958 Impala from American Graffiti. This was the first time that Bolander's 58 has been seen since the odometer was spun back to 1972.

I would Love And Protect that car!!!

It was a rough week leading up to SEMA...I had to wait till the day after Halloween to see my favorite Candy.

This is only the second time I have met Candy in person. The first time was at an autograph road show in Chicago years ago and it didn't go so well.. I know those of you who know me may not believe it, but the first time I meet her I was speechless.
 Hey she's a "Babe.. A Bitchin Babe"!!!!!!

I thought the Superfine Machine looked great then you add a little Candy to the Tuck N Roll upholstery and Double Chubby-Chuck and a Mexicali Chili Barb!!! I need a shot of Old Harper!

I remember asking Candy What ever happened to the necklace she wore during filming??
Candy said that she had turned it in to Aggie Guerard  when filming wrapped. Aggie handled all of the wardrobe for American Graffiti. This film was Aggie's first job as a costume designer.

When I found out she did have the original I was on a quest. I always thought the world was a better place when Candy was wearing that necklace so after some digging I was able to allocate a suitable replacement and was able to present it to Candy at the show.

I think she got a kick out of it and now I can say I gave my heart to Candy Clark..and I'm not just feeding you a line, I did.. I really..... I gave a heart to Candy Clark!

GeeeZ What A Day!


  1. For some reason i didn't get notice of this post. Very cool. Nice touch giving Candy a necklace. How'd she react?

  2. BTW You mentioned film interviews. Who did they interview? What sort of new items did they display? Or was this more of an article about giving it to Candy?

  3. Craig Style CounsellJune 21, 2018 at 7:17 PM

    Awesome story...Candy is one of the nicest folk on the great she delivers big time to her fans, great tale Jeff!