Thursday, June 18, 2015

OUI - July 1981 How Do You See Yourself At 70?

As we all know June 20th is Candy Clark's Birthday.

                      Happy Birthday Candy!!!

So as I was hunting thru the Graffiti vault for a Candy related item to share with all of you and I came across a 1981 article that asked a bunch of stars where they see themselves at 70. Now I know Candy's not 70 but her answer is way too cute for me to wait that long to share it with all of you.
Note they did ask Connie Stevens but looks like they missed Sandra Dee.

Hey Candy I gotta ask, If you were given the same question today would your answer be the same?
I mean.... Grapes?? Really?? (-;
Happy Birthday you B!t(#en  Babe! 


  1. I Love her in both, but even more so in More American graffiti

  2. Wow cool article! & Even cooler artwork by Bill Plympton.