Sunday, May 10, 2015

Thunderbird Illustrated - Fall 1974 - American Graffiti Thunderbird

Curt: Do you drive a white T-bird?
Blonde: A white '56.

We all remember Curt chasing that white '56 around town. It wasn't on screen on much and I have not seen many articles on the car over the years. Well this week I have a little something special for all you T-Bird fans. Thanks to an All Graffiti Special Care Package I received from Walt Bailey (Thanks Again Walt!!!) This week we bring you a rare 1974 article on Clay Dailys little bird.




  1. Thanks Jeff (and Walt) for another great article. Love the mention that somebody says they watched the film 3 times just to see the T-Bird.
    Someone actually cared about something besides that "piss yellow deuce coupe" and that black "field car". Go figure!

  2. Clay looks so different with dark hair and a mustache ala 1970s. Great article. Thanks!