Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Two Lane Blacktop Camera Car UPDATE 11-18-2014

The 55 will hit Barrett-Jacksons auction block on January 17th during their live broadcast. (set them VCR's)

It saddens me I am already hearing all kinds of crazy stories about this car and it's pending sale. Let me set the record straight.

This car has full documentation starting from the man who built it (Richard Ruth) to the actor who drove it in the movie (James Taylor)

There are lots of things about the car that only a select few even know about the car that proves beyond any doubt that this is "the" original movie car! (want to know them?? Buy the car and you will be debriefed!)

And as for the couple of guys who were chiming in and saying that the owner was just in the car for the quick flip? he has owned the car almost 15 years. That's not quick in my book!?

Look no matter what I or anyone says there will always be someone else out there who only reads half the story or interprets it in some strange twisted way and logs on to his old car chat room and goes off making half cocked statements about Two Lane or Graffiti cars. I have heard/read a bunch and I'm shore I will hear/read a lot more.
(those guys must not read....my site)

More interesting unrelated news in the works so stay tuned......      


  1. Brovo! thank you for this! PSB

  2. When I bought the 32 Coupe in 1981 off of the Universal back lot, one of the "workers" on the lot told me a interesting story. He told me his son bought the "2nd" Two Lane car from the back lot. The son painted it white and eventually took out the engine (454) and put it in a boat. He then sold it to a guy from Canada, who came down to LA and trailered it back home. Nobody for years seemed to know where the car was until Walt Bailey found it....in Canada! Steve Fitch, Wichita.

  3. That "worker" would be Bill Stabile. That's great that you were able to meet him. When I had the car in L.A. to show it to Monte Hellman, I also linked up with Bill's son and showed him the car. We had already been in contact several years before and he filled in some of the history of the car and gave me photos of the car when he had it. Later on, those photos proved to be golden when the original fiberglass doors surfaced in Canada and I was able to document their authenticity since the white paint job with the stripes was under the gasser paint job. Bill's son also took me to Universal's back lot and showed me the building where his dad worked as a mechanic and where the Two-Lane Blacktop '55 Chevys were sitting before the crew left for the filming. Walt Bailey