Sunday, November 2, 2014

Original Two Lane Blacktop Chevy For Sale

Who wants to own the one that got away?? It's a piece of history!! That's right, the one Richard Ruth prepped 1955 Chevy that did not work on American Graffiti is going to auction. After almost 15 years of ownership Walt Bailey has decided to let someone else be the 55's caretaker. The story on this car and it's restoration back to film condition is a great story check it out at

The Original 55 Chevy is heading to Barrett-Jackson's January 10th thru the 18th auction in Scottsdale. I will post more info when I can find it. The car is not listed on Barrett-Jackson's site inventory yet. 


  1. I have heard rumor that this car is located in Cottonwood Arizona but have not been able to confirm the rumor.

    1. It's for good reason that you haven't been able to confirm that rumor - it isn't true. There are lots of clones/tributes/fake TLB and AG '55 Chevys out there. Some of those car's owners start drinking their own Kool Aid and try to pass their counterfeit cars off as the real thing to the unsuspecting public. One such liar on the east coast used to display a black '55 Chevy as the American Graffiti car, with studio documentation to "prove" it. Trouble was, it was from the wrong studio!