Sunday, September 25, 2016

Profiles In History Hollywood Auction 74 - 2015. Stever Bolander's 1958 Impala from American Graffiti

I was cleaning up here at Graffiti Central and figured I would scan this before I put it away. I didn't buy this before the auction as it's a bit pricey!!! I was lucky enough to find a used one for half price online. After receiving it I better understand the price. It's a beautiful catalog. They obviously spend a lot of time and money on them.


After I received this catalog I called Mike to B.S. and catch up. Mike wasn't overly chatty about the sale and said Jeff  "It's not my car anymore". After I hung up with him I rolled that around the BozoPuter for a while.

I guess sometimes even I forget Mike's story. I mean this was his first car. Mike didn't buy because it was a movie icon. The film had not even been released yet. He bought it because he liked car and it was in his price range. Remember he had been saving all of his seventeenth summer to buy a car.

Mike describes him self as "Lucky" that he bought this car. I think were the lucky ones. I know because of Mike and his Lucky purchase I have made several friends. In case I never mentioned it THANKS MIKE!!

But Lucky doesn't begin to cover it when you think of the life long friends and memories Mike has made because of this car. From that memorable first ride home to cruzin by the theatre when Graffiti was playing.

The Impala has a been a family project since it's early days.

(76 Street Rodder)
       After years of hibernation in a California garage, the family time with the car continued as a father daughter project to bring the Impala back to life.

(2010 Northern Reach)

From family to friend's Bolander's Impala has been there.

Mike and Glen spending some quality hood time together. I only got to talk to Glen a few times before we lost him. He was a hoot! He had me laughing every time we talked. Just wish there would have been more of them.

Getting to spend time with the cast from the movie. "What a Babe!"

Forty plus years of ownership and all those memories just to name a few... well that's got to be hard to let go of at any price.

Lucky... Lucky Mike didn't make good on his 76 Street Rodder quote.

Even though the car had been freshly painted at Orlandi's for the movie the filming process had left the car with it's fair share of chips, scratches and dents.
I questioned Mike on this photo from the 2010 Northern Reach article. I said it looks like the real car but this one has a door handle?? Mike said "dumb things you do as a kid". As a youngster Mike had chipped the bondo out so that he could install a door handle.                                                                                                                              
I guess you could call that dumb luck. The Impala was in a shop having some paint and body issues taken care of before it went to the Profiles In History Auction and that's where Ray Evernham ran across the car and learned of it's up coming sale.  
Mike the 58 may not be part of your family anymore but your part of the 58's story for ever.    
I'm sure Ray will let you have supervised visits!!!! LOL
You guys already have two things in common. A love for this particular Impala and neither one of you paid full asking price!
                                                                                                                    Be Good. Jeff                                                                                                 

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