Saturday, April 30, 2016

Street Rodder - 1976 November - Jeffs Coupe

Look it's Jeff's Coupe... No not mine the other Jeff

I was surprised to find out that Mr Beck was such a car guy. And not just a car guy he does most of his own work. Being bit by the Graffiti bug in the early days Beck built his own Graffiti Coupe. 

Jeff Beck's Milner Coupe was one of the earliest clones I have seen.

I have been following Jeff Beck's Coupe for years, and it's nice to see that since this 1976 article he has continually refined his coupe making it more and more like the original car from American Graffiti that he fell in love with so many years ago.   

Jeff Beck and the Owner of the Coupe Rick Figari 

Beck has visited the original coupe a few times and judging by the shape of his car now a days he pays attention to the details.

It definitely has the "LooK'

Ever wonder if Jeff is a die hard Graffiti fan?? Well he still has his Milner Coupe after 40 plus years.

Makes me wonder if I will still have my coupe in forty years?? Some times I wonder if I will have it done by then!!! Jeez!