Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Andy Warhol's Interview - 1974 Introducing Mackenzie Phillips

It's November Tenth that means It's Carol's.... Ummm Sorry It's Mackenzie Phillips Birthday!!!! In honor of  Mack's special day I am setting the Time Machine to Vintage 1974

Now kick back and enjoy one of the earliest interviews I could find on Milner's Steady.

This is an odd shaped 40 year old newspaper and due to the paper quality and Google Blog limitations to make it readable I had to do large scans so it will require a bit of scrolling.... I'm shore finding out about Mackenzie's Big Sex Scene with Toad will make it worth it. Enjoy JH


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  1. Insightful link. It sounds like dad moved out back east and she stayed. It's difficult listening to the Mamas and Papas w/o thinking about the terrible things John Phillips did to Mackenzie. She sounds like she's in the stages of delinquency i.e.smoking cigarettes, bad diet, gambling, etc. She wants to be older than she is. But hey, that's why Fred Roos hired her for "Graffiti." BTW Anyone see RAFFERTY in which she co-stars with "Graffiti" co-star, Charlie Martin Smith?