Friday, October 2, 2015

Geez What A Waste Of Machinery

Well in case you haven't heard Steve's 1958 Impala from the movie American Graffiti did not sell at the Profiles In History auction yesterday.(Oct 1)  I even had my best graffiti field reporter covering the event.
There's really no story to tell... and all I got was this crappy picture!

 I KID....I KID. Thanks for all your hard work "Mr Pink".

Hey, I had to have someone there just in case the car got stole and then they got in this bitchen fight?? who knows. Unfortunately no such luck the iconic 58 did not make the opening bid of 800,000. But don't roll the credits just yet. I just got done chatting with Mike F. (the cars owner) and the car is still under contract and is still for sale. 

The car is being shopped around to private collectors. I am really hoping that George Lucas is one of them. I even mentioned that to Mike and he said he would love that and thought that would be a great home for it.

The best home as far as I am concerned.

OK I may be a little prejudice being that The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is being built here in Chicago but.., HEY!!! you guys have had most of the cars on that side of the country long enough it's time to share. Not to mention if I can get GL on board for the 58 someday all the cars may end up here... and then I am applying for a job and all I want to do is sweep the floors around the cars just so I can say I work for Lucas in the American Graffiti collection. Ahh what a dreamer huh?

But seriously George if your reading this drop me an email and lets put this deal together.

If the Impala doesn't make into a private collection soon it may be offered for sale in another public venue. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything.

The one nice thing about the car crossing the block is the renewed interest in American Graffitii and the car. Turns out Mikes story will be told in an upcoming article in a major car magazine. (don't know if I'm supposed to let that out yet) but I know I am in line for a copy.

While talking to Mike I had to tell him that it astounds me that so many of cars from the movie still exist, and how funny it was that he has personally owned the Graffit Impala longer than the original owner did. Mike laughed and said that it wasn't foresight it was just luck that he ended up with the car.

What ever happens with the impending sale of this Super Fine Machine Mike will always be part of my American Graffiti. Thanks Mike.

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  1. Excellent interview and article. Funny we both called or talked to him Thurs after the car didn't sell. I guess our next posts will have to be about the car being sold. Hopefully it won't be a secret. You know how much I love secrets. Again, excellent job.