Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Zealand Rodder #40 2006 - Milners Coupe Graffiti "Style"

While trying to to get stacks of magazines off of the floor and put into binders I have been scanning them in advance so I already had this magazine in the chamber when I received an Email letting me know that the Graffiti Coupe was in this issue.

The Email came from New Zealand, a fan of the site and a major Graffiti Nut! Like that wasn't enough turns out he worked for the magazine and had made the pilgrimage to Petaluma California's "Salute To American Graffiti Days" car show to gather info on Milners Deuce. This picture says it all as Craig "Style" Counsell is seen working hard or his research......... and taking a moment to do his best Milner imitation.
(talk about a guy who is loving his job)

I like this story. Talk about luck, these guys travel all the way from New Zealand and run across the coupe in a parking lot and land an exclusive photo shoot right then and there. Then they got to sit in the coupe and even go for a short ride around the lot. Style you should have bought some lottery tickets! 


Oh boy I feel a Mr Factoid moment coming on. Steve Fitch did acquire Milner's ride directly from Universal Pictures some time after he had purchased Falfas' wicked 55 from Sam Crawford who was the first owner after it's studio time was thru.

I love the story about the front fender falling off but I have always heard it was Henry's wife Jackie who had to retrace Henry's ride home in the coupe and find the fender and touch up paint?? Ya for those of you who don't know do to the lack of money in the budget and a shortage of car trailers Henry used to just drive the coupe home after filming.

The motor rebuild story I have heard for years but since Steve Fitch had just rebuilt the mill before Figari bought the coupe I think the facts are a bit mixed on that one and the T-10 trans is not the "Super" variety. (Now to put this one to rest) GM didn't release the Super T-10 until 1974-75 Graffiti filmed in 1972.... Your welcome :0 )

Die hard "Two Lane" fans will tell you that everybody misses the fact that they also changed the doors on the #1 1955 Chevy from fiberglass doors with slider plexi-glass windows back to steel doors with crank windows for American Graffiti.

I have not seen much on the #1 1955 from American Graffiti as far as it's condition right after filming but I bet Rick Figari's copy of the 55 pictured here is much nicer than the original car was back then.


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