Sunday, September 23, 2012

Crawdaddy 1973 November - George Lucas - American Graffiti

As I sort thru stacks of books and magazines hunting that next Graffiti jewel I have noticed a trend. The newer articles about American Graffiti seem to ask the same questions over and over and sometimes even quote incorrect "facts" from other articles. It is a shame when there are so many untold Graffiti stories out there and the real facts fade a little every day. I guess that's why I personally prefer the early stuff when the reporters asked good and interesting questions. . Now for some fresh facts from 1973. It's a great article back when they could get an interview with Lucas.



  1. This is rare! Great interview. I like that it was done right before Graffiti became huge and thank God, "Star Bores" isn't even mentioned once. Love the quote: "AG wasn't the way it was the way it was supposed to be."