Monday, August 27, 2012

Wired Magazine 2011 July - American Graffiti Hidden Treasure

If you are a loyal reader you will remember a while back I posted these previously unseen photos.....Well I finally found a copy of the magazine that broke the story and sent me to dig in the archives at Magnum. Jeff

Cool Huh? Makes me wonder how many other hidden gems are out there???? JH

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  1. Cool pics. The 4 or so days the crew spent at Mels has produced many (maybe most) of the production and behind the scenes pics from the film. I like the few filmed at the miniature golf place. Lucas looks like hes sleeping as he sits on the pool table. The one odd pic is Harrison Ford dressed up for his senior portrait. I don't think that one ever made the fictional yearbook used later in the movie trailer. Thanks for posting again!