Saturday, July 7, 2012

AARP 2009 - American Graffiti's Ron Howard From Opie to Oscar

 Has it really been that long? Boy time flies when you are having fun. I remember seeing Milners Coupe and thinking back then "Wow that car is 40 plus years old" Now I am 40 plus years old! Ron Howard is on the cover of AARP and this week we lost Andy Griffith.

Nothing stays the same, Everything changes. Jeff



  1. Shit, we're 40+ I'm in denial and I refuse to grow up.

    Question: where do I subscribe to your blog? Currently, I find your fantastic posts by just checking back periodically.

    1. Just 4 U Kip Buddy!!! I added a couple follow gadgets on the lower left. Jeff

    2. Thanx for making it easy to subscribe for the mentally challenged such as myself.