Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sir 1974 - Ponytails And Ducks Asses - American Graffiti

Yes "SIR!" That's right gang this week we are setting the "Way Back Machine" to the year 1974. A time when is seems that the facts are blurry at best. The Phantoms??? Stevie?? Bitchyer?? Really?? I must say I do like the way they talk about the film cutting back and fourth between the different stories. I know we all take this type of editing as the norm today, but keep mind that in 1973 it had not been done like that before.

I also just love any article that gives the character name and the type of car they drove. Oh and lets not forget quotes from the movie!!! Jeff


  1. Gee Mr. Peabody....that was GREAT! By the way, do you have any popcorn?

    1. Great job. BTW: Were's the rest of the photos from the mag?

    2. Kip....Buddy I can show you but I will need to see some I.D. first. Sorry you'll have to get it first!(big eye roll)

  2. The car club gang was the Pharohs, not the Phantoms hahahahah