Friday, February 10, 2012

American Graffiti - Press Screening 1973

Stephen Roullier took these pictures in the fall of '73 while he was walking around in Hollywood California. Stephen happened to notice our favorite yellow deuce driving down La Brea Avenue. What are the odds that he would catch this? I must say I think Stephen has a good eye!
Remember when he snapped these the movie had not been released, Stephen just liked the Coupe.

                                North La Brea Avenue As It Looks Today

The Coupe made a left and parked in front of The El Capatan Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.

Looking Down Hollywood Boulevard Today. Notice In The Distance The  Billboard And Building with Arched Window As Seen To The Right Of The Coupe.

What Stephen didn't know at the time is that Universal Studio's was holding the Press Screening for the Movie American Graffiti inside. That's a party I would have loved to crash. Take a look at windows of the theatre. Every American Graffiti advertisement you can imagine.
(Photographs are property of Stephen Roullier Not to Be Used Without His Permission)

                                     The El Capatan As It Looks Today

The next pictures were taken later by a Universal Photographer at a Press screening.
I can almost hear him saying "Sneaking around with the Wolfman Baby" Wolfman Jack, Cindy Williams, Paul Le Mat.
                   George Lucas and Wolfman Jack.

The next pictures were taken at the premier of American Graffiti
                                   Gary Kurtz, Wolfman Jack, Bo Hopkins

                               Wolfman Jack, Kim Fowley

I have never heard much about the press screening or premiere. Guess I need to start asking questions.


  1. with peep mirror,chrome grill,damaged firewall...

    very rare pics!

  2. I love the pic of Wolfman, Williams, and Lemat, and the coupe. Nice job as always!!!

  3. I wonder what the dates were for the Press screening? I presume the Premiere was at the end of Aug.

  4. Mark I hunted and could not find the dates?? Keep me posted if you find them. Thanks Jeff

  5. I don't understand. When you say a press screening, you mean something the media watches prior to its release. I thought the film was released on August 1, 1973....yet this says this press screening was in the fall of 1973?